12 Reasons your students should attend the Career Council and National Hispanic College Fairs


  1. We Provide Free Bus Transportation to all High School Students who wish to attend our College Fairs.  We will provide as many buses as you need.
  2. No Cost at all to the participating High Schools or School District.
  3. A Tote bag is given to each participating student to hold information collected at the fair.

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  5. A Prepared List of Questions is given to each student to help him/her solicit the information needed to make informed decisions.
  6. We Allocate Approximately One Hour at the college fair for each participating high school so your students do not miss a full day of school.
  7. 6 weeks prior to the college fair, fliers and a list of institutions attending the fair will be sent to the guidance offices.
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  9. Between 50-150 Universities/ Colleges attend each College Fair.  Students are never overwhelmed and can go up to the tables and feel comfortable talking with the Representatives.
  10. A Hot Buffet Breakfast is provided Free to all Chaperones.
  11. Our staff schedules High School pick-up times so the event is never overcrowded.

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  13. Over 1,800 Universities/ Colleges and other institutions participate in our College Fairs.
  14. Our professional security staff is comprised of experienced and courteous NYPD and FDNY active duty and retired security personnel for your students' safety.
  15. National Board of Certified Counselors Approved Provider of Continuing Education Activities Career Council Inc./National Hispanic College Fairs, Inc. (#6090) is an Approved Provider of Quality Continuing Education Activities offering Live Programs to National Certified Counselors. If you are interested in NBCC credit, by attending the college fair event with your students, you will be entitled to a certficate of attendance and receive CEU Credits for your attendance.
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Permission slips are your only task, we do the rest!

To register your school, or to speak with someone regarding our events,
please call Toll Free 1-800-562-3346.